Behind the Scenes With Our Models

Interviews are a powerful tool for collecting qualitative data. However, they can pose significant challenges for novice researchers.

The agency hosts open calls at their Austin office almost every Wednesday of the year. Models are encouraged to bring a babysitter and stay alone during the interview process so that they can focus on their work.

Rebekah Marine

Rebekah Marine isn’t your typical fashion model. The 25-year-old New Jersey woman, who’s been dubbed a “bionic model,” was born without her right forearm, but she refuses to let her disability hold her back. Since launching her modeling career in 2011, she’s walked the runway at New York Fashion Week, landed several top editorials and commercial jobs, and spoken to young girls across the country about the importance of loving who you are and not conforming to what the media calls beautiful.

But it wasn’t until she was fitted with a myoelectric prosthetic that she realized her disability could be an asset to her work. She began using her new arm as a fashion accessory and has never looked back. She’s even become an ambassador for the Livingston-based company that created the i-limb Quantum, a high-tech, movable prosthetic arm that can detect and respond to electrical signals from her muscles.

Marine says that her success has made it possible for more models with disabilities to pursue their dreams. She’s a proud advocate for the Lucky Fin Project, a nonprofit that celebrates kids with upper limb differences, and she travels the world as an ambassador for Models of Diversity, a casting agency that recruits non-traditional models with diverse body types. In addition, she’s a spokesperson for Nordstrom and was recently a featured model on TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress.

And while Marine has received national attention for her modeling work, she’s most proud of being named a Mighty Girl by the GALS group at Woodbury’s Evergreen Avenue Elementary School. The distinction honors women who are making positive changes in their communities, countries or the world and is meant to inspire younger generations to follow their own paths of achievement.

And while Marine says that her dream is to retire from modeling someday, she plans on continuing her mission to aid both able-bodied and limb-different people, especially young girls. She’s currently working on a documentary to show what life is like for people with disabilities and how they can live their dreams as well.

Jillian Hennessy

In a career that has spanned decades, Jillian Hennessy is best known for her roles on Law & Order (as assistant district attorney Claire Kincaid) and Crossing Jordan (Jordan Cavanaugh). She’s also been featured in film and TV shows like Nuremberg, Jackie, Ethel, Joan: The Women of Camelot and Exit Wounds, as well as the independent films Chutney Popcorn and The Acting Class.

In addition to acting, Hennessy is an accomplished singer and songwriter. Her songs often touch on hot-button issues such as immigration, domestic violence and environmental concerns. For example, “Edmonton” is a tribute to her grandmother’s bravery in emigrating from Poland to Canada. The song has taken on new meaning since the recent contentious debate over the nation’s immigration policies.

The actress and musician has a peaceful home in Greenwich Village, Manhattan, where she shares her clean, uncluttered space with her husband and two sons. When Hennessy is not shooting, she enjoys relaxing with a good book or playing piano and guitar. She also loves taking her dogs for a walk around Washington Square Park.

As an actor, Hennessy has a natural flair on screen, and her chemistry with her co-stars is apparent in her portrayal of tough-minded prosecutor Decourcy Ward on Law & Order. She’s been a regular on a number of television series, including HBO’s Luck (2011), the short-lived Jo (2013) and CBS’ Madam Secretary (2015-16).

Hennessy recently began filming the second season of Showtime’s City on a Hill, where she plays the wife of Aldis Hodge’s character Assistant DA Jenny Rohr. The series, which is based on Boston in the 1990s, returns this Sunday night.

Hennessy will appear in Fox’s straight-to-series crime anthology drama Accused, executive-produced by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. The series, directed by Michael Cuesta and starring Michael Chiklis, takes viewers inside the courtroom to explore the stories of several accused individuals through their own personal perspective. Hennessy will play a victim of a violent robbery in the upcoming episode, which is set to premiere June 30.

Jessica McKinnon

The world of modeling is one that is always changing. In recent years, society has been more accepting of new styles, looks and bodies. In addition, it’s become much easier to find the right model for the job. Modeling is a demanding career and there are many factors that can make or break your success. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the life of a model and some helpful tips for getting into this field.

Kate McKinnon is an American actress and comedian best known for her role as a regular cast member on Saturday Night Live, where she has been since 2012. She also appeared in the NBC television show The Big Gay Sketch Show, and has performed live comedy at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York City.

McKinnon is known for her celebrity and political impressions of a variety of public figures, including Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Elizabeth Warren, and Betsy DeVos. She has also voiced the character of Ms. Frizzle in the reboot of the Magic School Bus children’s series, and has appeared on numerous other television shows.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family. She has three daughters and two stepchildren. She also has a ministry that helps street children in Nairobi, Kenya. She has a passion for helping people and is a big supporter of the LGBT community.

Jessica is a native of Richmond, Kentucky and attended Midway College and Eastern Kentucky University, studying Special Education/Deaf Interpreting and Public Relations. She worked in the management of a marketing firm before joining Elder Law Guidance in 2019. As a Client Care Manager, she provides clinical services like physical assessments, injections and ostomy and colostomy care.

She loves working with people and believes that it is a gift to help others through difficult times in their lives. She is passionate about giving her clients the most up to date information in regards to their treatment options and has a special interest in women’s health and neurological conditions. In addition, she is an avid traveler and enjoys exploring new places.

Jamie Campbell

Jamie Campbell Bower is a talented and versatile actor, musician, and model. He has a unique and recognizable style that has earned him a large fan base. He is also a dedicated performer who puts his heart into every role. He has a passion for literature and has expressed interest in adapting classic novels into film or television projects.

He is also a skilled musician and frontman of the London-based punk band Counterfeit. He is a talented singer and guitarist, and has collaborated with several artists. He is also a fashion designer and has walked the runway for prestigious brands. He is passionate about promoting body positivity and encourages self-acceptance.

The model has a great sense of humor and often uses wit and sarcasm in his interviews and social media posts. He has a good relationship with his fans and often expresses gratitude for their support. He regularly attends fan conventions and participates in panel discussions. He is also a frequent guest at music festivals and enjoys meeting his fans.

He has a small brother, Samuel Bower, who is a musician and the sound engineer for his band. He has a very close and supportive family, and his parents are very proud of his achievements. He has an extensive list of accomplishments that includes many starring roles and award nominations.

Jamie has a great work ethic and is always seeking out new challenges. He is also a talented dancer and has competed in several competitions. He has a very distinctive and recognizable style, and is often seen wearing clothes from renowned designers.

In the future, he plans to continue expanding his acting and musical careers. He is also interested in directing and producing. He hopes to create more projects that inspire people to be themselves and follow their dreams.

Jamie Campbell Bower has a very large and diverse fan base, which is no surprise considering his roles in popular young adult franchises. He has a strong voice and is an excellent stage presence. His versatility as an actor allows him to portray a wide range of characters, from brooding vampires to flamboyant rock stars.

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