What Body Type Do Models Look For?

There are several different kinds of modeling, ranging from fashion (editorial) to catalog and runway. There’s also a growing demand for plus size models.

Female editorial models are usually at least 5 feet, 9 inches tall and very thin. They have precise measurements so that they can fit the clothes designers create for them.

Inverted Triangle

If you have an inverted triangle body shape, you tend to have wide shoulders that steal attention from the lower half of your figure. Your goal is to balance this top-heavy look by adding volume in your lower half and drawing the eye downward. This can be done through the use of curves, colors, fabrics, and different shapes.

For example, wearing a fitted skirt that flares out around the hips is flattering because it draws the eye down and adds volume to your bottom half. A sheath dress is another great option, as it creates a fitted waistline and then flares out at the hips to define your curves. If you’re looking for a dress that is more casual, try a wrap dress with a waist tie and soft shoulders.

The same goes for pants and jackets. Avoid trousers that are tight around the hips and knees, as this will draw the eye up to your wide shoulders. Pants that are straight across the leg or skinny will also make you appear boxy and square. If you’re going to wear jeans, stick with a low or mid-rise fit to avoid bringing the attention back up to your shoulders.

You should also avoid any padded shoulder embellishments and puff sleeves. Instead, choose a lace or satin fabric that will add volume and soften your shoulders. A v-neck neckline also works well because it creates a flattering definition around the chest area.

Inverted Triangle body types can often get away with darker colored jeans, but be careful when choosing a shade. It’s important to match the color of your jeans to your shirt or jacket. For example, pairing a navy blue t-shirt with light beige chinos will create a balanced look.


Women with the rectangular body shape have a very straight silhouette with a lack of curves. This shape is also known as a box figure, pencil body or an athletic type. The measurements of the shoulders, hips and waist are almost equal in width which creates a balanced silhouette. This body shape is very tall and lean and requires a little help in creating curves with the right clothing pieces.

One of the best things about the rectangle body shape is that they can wear almost any type of clothing. However, the key is to focus on cinching at the waistline with clothing pieces that have a structured and flattering look. Dresses that have a sweetheart neckline, puffed sleeves and a small print work well to create the illusion of a slimmer waistline. Blouses that have a nipped in waistline and draping around the bust are also great for adding shape to this silhouette.

When it comes to trousers, harem pants and cargo styles are excellent for creating volume at the lower half of the body. Trousers that flare toward the hem, like a boot cut or wide leg style will also look good on this silhouette. These types of trousers create a more rounded and curvy silhouette which balances the vertical line of the body.

Judith @stylecrone has a gorgeous blazer with pockets that add shape to her hips and is paired with skinny jeans, pointed shoes and a head wrap for a complete look. The bold colour of the blazer highlights her slim ankles and the pocket details contrast with her skin tones for a stunning effect. She’s also tucked in her pants which helps to define her narrow waistline further.


The hourglass body shape is a sexy and feminine curve. It’s the classic body type we associate with style icons like Marilyn Monroe. The hourglass morphotype has shoulders and hips of proportional width and a narrow waist. Women with this body type have a very defined waist line that is at least 25% smaller than their hip and bust measurements.

If you are an hourglass, your curves are accentuated by form fitting tops and skirts. Flowy, oversized pieces could look boxy on you and take attention away from your lovely neck and shoulder lines. Instead, try blouses with a fitted cinch at the waist and a V or a scoop neckline that flatters your delicate clavicle.

When it comes to bottoms, boot cut and flared jeans look great on you. Pencil skirts accentuate your beautiful curves and will skim the hips without adding bulk. Try a skirt that slenderizes around the knee and adds a flounce at the bottom for balance.

When it comes to shoes, you’re good with most styles. You can even wear wedges because they’ll help elongate your legs and draw attention to the slim waistline. You can also opt for flats with rounded toes or bows to enhance your feminine silhouette.


A pear-shaped body features narrow shoulders and a defined waist with curvy hips. Women in this body type often have a larger bustline and hip area than the rest of their bodies. They may also carry more weight around the stomach and upper thighs. This body shape can be very petite, slender or curvy depending on genetics, diet and lifestyle.

When selecting tops for the pear-shaped body, look for fitted and nipped styles that help accentuate the waist. Wider necklines optically widen the shoulders and bust area, while vertical stripes or patterns on tops and jackets help stretch the silhouette. Avoid raglan sleeves and tube tops which visually narrow the upper body. Sleeves that are a little fuller like sleeveless, cap or puff sleeves work well.

The pear-shaped woman can still wear dresses and skirts, but should avoid ruffled and frilly tiers which add volume to the hips. Skirt lengths should be between the knee and mid-calf to elongate the legs and stretch the lower body.

In a dress, try a sheath or shift style that clings to the figure. Avoid t-shirt dresses and jumpsuits that are too tight in the upper body and too loose in the hips as this creates a “muffin top” effect. A sheath skirt paired with a cropped tank and a jacket or layering piece helps balance the curves of this body shape.

When it comes to trousers, the pear-shaped girl can choose flat-fronted, straight or bootleg pants that are close to her natural waist and trimmed in a narrow fit at the ankle. She can choose twill, cotton or polyester-blend pants in dark colours that slim the silhouette. She can even go with palazzo pants, but steer clear of wide-leg styles that enlarge the hips and thighs.


Generally, mature models are between the ages of 30 and 80. They are often found in product advertising. They don’t have to adhere to the same strict measurements and body figures as other model types, but they should still have a healthy appearance and beautiful skin. Models such as Cindy Crawford made a smooth transition into mature modeling after a long career as a younger supermodel, while others like Nicola Griffin got into the industry at age 53. Teen and college aged male models also fit into this category, but they can’t look too “manly” or have facial hair. These models are usually hired for promotional work and often book jobs at trade shows and conventions.

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